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I help people who are ready to have some clarity and peace of mind. And those that want to dig a little deeper, to understand what's happening in and around their life.

I don't ascribe to any particular religious or spiritual tradition, but I do believe there is a web, a higher power that connects us all.

I'm not a newbie intuitive who just popped up last week. I was born psychic, and have been working as a professional intuitive for more than 30 years. 

I was a regular guest on KTAR radio, in Phoenix, AZ taking questions from callers and discussing metaphysics. You can find me here doing private one-on-one sessions. I find these to be the most rewarding.


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Since the late 1980's, Vickie has worked as a professional, psychic, numerologist and Reiki healer. Among her clients are people from all walks of life from well-known individuals to the person on the street.

An avid facilitator and promoter for psychic fairs and gallery sessions she loves to demonstrate the impact spirit can have on our lives.

Hosted Meditation Tuesday.

Former Paranormal Talk Host KTAR Phoenix, AZ

Vickie was born highly intuitive and very psychic, a curse in her childhood to becoming a wonderful gift later in life.

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