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Thank you for your interest, unfortunately Vickie suffered a stroke and is no longer able to be of service.

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From: Transaction Id 739825
Service: Vickie clairvoyant, psychic, numerology, tarot
Advisor Ratings:

Professionalism: Extremely Satisfied
Subject matter expertise: Extremely Satisfied
Communication ability: Extremely Satisfied

User Comments: Beyond words good!! She touched on absolutely everything and more that I wanted to ask...I just did not get the chance to ask because she addressed the question before I had the chance. This is the mark of someone who is the REAL DEAL. CALL HER!! Thank you Vickie!
Would you consult with this advisor again, if you have a need?: Definitely

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Vickie has been genuine guide helping me navigate my ever changing life path. I have called for her clarity and support on days that I could not clearly see all the details to make a specific and concise decision. Connecting to my Higher Self, she gave me confidence, clarity, and non-judgmental support to move forward and beyond obstacles.

- JULIE W. - Denver, CO

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If you have any lingering doubts, call her. She will give you the Clarity you need in a straightforward and honest way that will leave you feeling calm, grounded and filled with inspiration.

- HARRISON C. - Quincy, IL

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You provided the guidance and reassurance that I'm moving in the right direction, and ways to help honor the new stage of life I'm moving into now. I appreciate your insights on how to step into "weepy times" and own them so I can honor myself and what needs to heal. Thank you for your light!

- PATRICIA. D - Seattle, WA

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